Cutie with her first litter

Please visit the Golden Retriever Club of America website for information on buying a golden retriever puppy. There is a very nice discussion on health concerns in our breed. There is also information on the recommended health screens that should be done on every breeding animal and also suggestions on how to find a quality breeder.

I am pretty slow in responding to puppy inquiries. I will get back to you, but it may be a couple of weeks if I do not have any pet puppies available. All pet puppies are sold on limited registration. I will NOT ship pet puppies. Pet puppies are sold on limited registration.

Lycinan puppies/dogs tend to be more active. If you are looking for a very laid back couch dog, these will not work out. Please do not contact me. My dogs need excercise daily, a run or lots of ball playing to be happy, nice companions. These guys are SPORTING DOGS. You need to have some way to let them run off leash regularly (daily), either in an enclosed, fenced yard or in a park, field, etc. When excercised correctly, they make wonderful companions and house dogs. They will also need obedience training preferably at least two sessions of group training of 8 -10 wks each after he is 6 mo old.

I do NOT take ANY deposits for puppies until they are born. I will MAY take a few deposits for pet puppies shortly after birth, but will save a number for competition homes. At 7 -9 wks old, there are usually pet puppies available after competition puppies are chosen. Previous buyers are given priority.

I DO NOT keep a waiting list.

NOTE: Since COVID started there has been a huge interest from buyers trying to obtain a puppy. ALL breeders are receiving a large number of inquiries weekly. There have been less litters born as some breeders are choosing not to breed at this time. Many of you will have to wait to obtain a well bred puppy from a quality, responsible breeder. At this time I do not have any companion/pet puppies available. I do not expect to have another litter available until early winter or late spring.

Click on birthdate below for more information and photos of parents and puppies.

Sire: Lycinan Cuppa Joe RN CGC

Dam:Lycinan's Mango Salsa CD JH

(born May 13)



Contact me for litters sired by my boys.