Rowdy x Flirt

Born January 29, 2018

4 Girls, 2Boys

This litter is co-bred with Alaine Hamilton (Dromara Goldens).

Pedigree/clearance info




The sire, Rowdy is a very talented, exuberant boy. His owner has really enjoyed training him and Rowdy has loved the challenge. They have accumulated manny titles along the way. Rowdy is very good in field and obedience. He has good structure and amazing muscle tone.

Flirt is from predominently European lines. She is a larger girl. Flirt is very confident and relatively calm. She is smart and quite adaptable. Flirt has only been at our home for about 10 mo - she came from another breeder who became ill.

These pups should be moderate/busy in activity and very bright. They seem quite interactive with people and make great eye contact. These two pedigrees seem to have blended quite well. The pups all have very strong heads and good pigment. They have good substance and appear to have good angles and toplines. Further evaluation will be made as they reach 7-8 wks old.

The pedigree of these dogs has a mix of European and American lines in it. This is Rowdy's first litter and we are impressed. These should be nice dispositioned puppies with an aptitude for performance.

Pick female available as are several nice puppies for performance.

5 wks

3 1/2 wks