Photos of Bill's kids

Photos Of Bill's Kids

Conawago's Forever Glory CD, OA, AXJ (Rovenolt/Smith)
CH Spicewood's Lyric Opera JH, WC (Durway)
Lycinan's Mayhem TD (Williamson)
Spicewood's Lucy in Disguise WC (US pointed, Brittle/Durway)
Delmarva Heart Act to Follow (Rocco)
CH Spicewood's Lasting Impressi'n WC, CGC, TDI (Mayne/Durway)
Hunt's Krumpet CD, MX, MXJ, CCA (Stankovics)Delmarva Heart Act to Follow (Rocco)
SHR CaneD'Oro's Roman Holiday CD, JH, WCX, CGC (Reneau/Petruso)

Delmarva's Believe In Magic CDX, OA, OAJ, RE, CGC (Christie)

Delmarva's Captor of Hearts CDX, NA, NAJ, RE, CGC (Christie)

U-CH Eldorado's Helen of Troy ( AKC US pointed, both majors, Browning)

CH Delmarva Tell'M U R Innocent (Rocco)


Other Bill Kids With Titles/Wins:


Spicewood's Raven Never More ( US pointed) (D'Anna/Durway)

Paradocs Promise is to Keep CD (Hubbs)

Lycinan's Sirus JH, WCX (Weeks)

Untouchable Lycinan's Boatswain (Williamson/Williamson)

Glenview's Spirit Of Hope RN CGC CCA (Breznican/Roman)

U-GRCH Eldorado's Adirondack Timberline (Browning/Eib) championship pointed

Powers' Love Bears All Things TD, CGC


Bill Grandkids:

CH Lycinan's Give Me Liberty CD

CH Lycinan Tea Time CDX

CH Spicewood's Force of Destiny JH, WC

Lycinan's Mystical Keepsake CDX, RN (one UD leg)

OTCh Laurelridge Nothin B Trouble UDX2

Am/Can Ch. Spicewood's Wind Symphony

Spicewood's Casta Diva JH

Spicewood's Vissi d'Arte (needs one major to finish AKC CH)

Paradocs Only In A Dream CD, NA, NAJ

Paradocs Colors of the Wind CDX, RA, NA, NAJ, CGC, TDI

Lycinan's Bruhaha on the Bay CD, RN