Lycinan's Mango Salsa CD JH

(CH Beau Geste Being Ramiroz UD MH TD WCX OS VCX x Lycinan's Tantalize CDX JH WCX OD VC)



Whelped June 27, 2014



Mango is a self exerciser and keeps her self in very hard condition. She has a cute head, jet black pigment, beautiful dark golden coat and a fun loving temperament. She loves to chase rabbits and look for groundhogs.

Mango earned her JH Nov '17, her CD in April '18 and is in training for her CDX.


Hips:OFA GR-116892G26F-PI          Heart: OFA GR-CA28774/13F/C-VPI
Elbows:OFA GR-EL37129F26-PI Eyes:OFA GR-EYE11849/31F-VPI (2/17)


PRA 1/2 & Prcd PRA: normal

Ichthyosis: normal



2 yrs

Below, photos as puppy