Lycinan's Mango Salsa JH

(CH Beau Geste Being Ramiroz UD MH TD WCX OS VCX x Lycinan's Tantalize CDX JH WCX OD VC)



Whelped June 27, 2014



Mango is a self exerciser and keeps her self in very hard condition. She has a cute head, jet black pigment, beautiful dark golden coat and a fun loving temperament. She loves to chase rabbits and look for groundhogs.

Mango earned her JH Nov '17 and is in training for her CD.


Hips:OFA GR-116892G26F-PI          Heart: OFA GR-CA28774/13F/C-VPI
Elbows:OFA GR-EL37129F26-PI Eyes:OFA GR-EYE11849/31F-VPI (2/17)


PRA 1/2 & Prcd PRA: normal

Ichthyosis: normal



2 yrs

Below, photos as puppy