Lycinan Cuppa Joe RN CGC


Whelped 6/30/2018


Baelydon WoodDuck Quartermaster CGC x CH GraceKen Lycinan Earthshak'n BN CD JH WC CGC VC




Funloving, bright and quick to learn, Joey earned his RN and CGC in Nov. '19. He is learning obedience, rally and field while we wait for his body to mature to be shown in conformation. He has a wonderful outcrossed pedigree, with some outstanding dog from old American and European lines. Joey is a avid tennis ball chaser!

Joey is a very easy dog to live with and is quite agreeable and respectful of other dogs. He is quite keyed into people and tries hard to please. Joey weighs 78 lbs and is about 23 3/4 -24 inches at the withers.



Too early for many health clearances. This will be updated as Joey matures.


Elbows: OFA Prelim 10 mo - Normal


Eyes: GR-EYE18758/19M-VPI

Hips: OFA Prelim 10 mo - Good         

Heart: GR-ACA4759/14M-VPI

Thyroid:   Prcd PRA, PRA 1, PRA 2 , Ichthyosis, NCL : Normal by Parentage

Please feel free to request copies of all clearances.


Joey earning RN, Dec 19

Joey 11 mo

Joey 11 wks