SHR Lycinan's Wiseguy CD RN SH WCX CCA


Whelped 11/7/2018


Photo by Natalie Hertzner

CH Lycinan's Big Bang CDX JH WC VC OS x Lycinan's Mango Salsa CD JH




Guy is a fun loving, bright, active dog. He is sired by my old stud dog, Bang, via frozen semen. He was the only puppy in the litter. He is tons of fun to train - he is very smart and quite motivated to work. Guy earned his SH in April '23. Generallyl he has been trained by me, but he went off for a couple of months with pro, Beth Sokohl, and passed his last two SH tests on one day. He earned his CD in Aug '22 and is training for his CDX. Guy has won a major RWD and passed his CCA.

Guy is about 22 1/2 inches at the withers and weighs about 70lbs. He is in hard working condition - all muscle. Guy is a self exerciser and is always up for a fun time or a new experience. He thinks the world loves him. He's not wrong.

Guy's semen was evaluated Aug. '23 and it looked great. His semen ships well, with his first litter via chilled semen resuling in 10 pups.




Elbows: GR-EL50789M24-VPI


Eyes: GR-EYE19918/M39-VPI

Hips: GR-131201G24M-VPI- Good

(OFA 3 radiologist evaluations: Excellent, Good, Good)


Heart: GR-ACA5260/13M-VPI-Echocardiogram normal 1/20


Prcd PRA, PRA 1, PRA 2 , Ichthyosis, DM, NCL, - Clear - Animal Genetics

ICH2- Clear- U Penn

Please feel free to request copies of all clearances.


August 2022CCA

Photo by Sandy Guido

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Winter 2020 below (field photos by Natilie Herzner)

13 mo

Photo N. Herzner


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